Glimmer and Glam: Geneo Facials and Must Have Products for the Holidays

We’ve all been there. Not enough self-care. Tonight’s the biggest holiday party of the season—and you look tired. What to do? Get yourself a Geneo facial, that’s what. You’ll walk out of the spa into the fete looking ten years younger—instantly. That’s a fact. And the results from just one treatment last for days. An ultra unique three-step facial, Geneo works from the inside out, initiating a surge of inner oxygen to hydrate, plump and nourish the skin. We talked Geneo Clinical Specialist Cait McGuire to find out more. 

HL: Some people call Geneo the facial of the future? Can you explain?

CM: Geneo is dubbed the “facial of the future” thanks to its innovative patented technology. Geneo’s three non-invasive, clinically proven steps (OxyGeneo, Ultrasound and Massage) combined with Geneo’s natural, highly effective ingredients deliver immediate, long lasting results with no downtime.

HL: How does it differ from a HydraFacial or Oxygen Facial? 

CM: What sets Geneo apart from HydraFacial and many other device-based facials is that Geneo involves no suction. This means no pulling or tugging that could potentially damage skin. In addition, Geneo’s method of oxygenation works with your skin from the inside out, versus other oxygen modalities that work from the outside in.

HL: Geneo is a skin activated facial. What does that mean? 

CM: Geneo’s patented oxygenation technology is activated in the skin when the Geneo OxyPod reacts with the Geneo Primer Gel, creating a bubbly CO2 rich environment. This in turn causes a surge of oxygenated blood and nutrients to be delivered to the more superficial layers of skin, leaving behind a bright, glowing complexion.

HL: What makes a Geneo the best facial to have before a holiday party? 

CM: Geneo is the perfect glow and go treatment since there is no downtime and immediate results! This facial also creates a smooth, supple canvas for flawless makeup application before an event.

HL: Geneo facials have three steps. What are they?

CM: 1. OxyGeneo: This step focuses on oxygenation and exfoliation. 2. Ultrasound: This step provides infusion and nourishment of Geneo specialty serums. 3. Massage: This step soothes redness, muscle tension, and sculpts facial features for a lifted and contoured appearance.

HL: Not just for faces, GENEO can help other body areas. Tell us about it! 

CM: Geneo Body expands beyond the face with a new approach to body rejuvenation. Like the Geneo facial, Geneo Body combines skincare technology with highly-effective ingredients to achieve healthy, glowing skin from head to toe in a natural and non-invasive way. Each of Geneo’s six treatments are also used for Geneo Body touching on the most important tenets of skin rehab – exfoliation, oxygenation, and nourishment. This treatment can be performed on areas of the body including chest, back, buttocks, bikini line, arms and legs. 

HL: There are six different GENEO treatments. How do I know what is best for me? What does each one do?

CM:1. Illuminate: Unifies skin tone. 2. Detox: Repairs & protects skin barrier 3. Revive: Reduces fine lines & winkles 4. Balance: Treats oily skin & acne5. Hydrate: Enhances moisture retention. 6. Glam: Improves elasticity & firmness. Your esthetician will go over your skincare needs pre-facial to determine which treatment is best for your skin.

HL: Tell us about Geneo Glam. That sounds perfect for the holidays. 

CM: The 24k gold-based facial, Geneo Glam, uses pure gold flakes to boost collagen and firmness. Geneo Glam prevents the loss of collagen and moisture as well as improves skin elasticity and firmness, revealing a more supple texture for the smoothest makeup application possible. The facial also minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties while also enhancing cellular function for optimized skin renewal. Benefits of gold facials: Infusing gold into skincare and treatments not only exudes a feeling of luxury, but delivers a powerful dose of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, the micronized precious metals in Glam lend firmness, radiance, and vitality to the skin, enhancing the effects of make up and creating a long-lasting glow.

HL: Where can we get one in the Bay area?

CM: Enjoy at Total Glow, Ashley Marie Paul Skincare and Bloom Skincare Studio.

Best Discovery of 2022

Like peerless Swiss hotels, Swiss skincare reigns as amongst the the world’s best. On my last trip I discovered family-owned Biences Swiss Cosmetics, made in a small town amongst Alpen peaks with clean, handpicked ingredients (plenty of botanicals and youth boosting ingredients such as hyaluronic acid).  Luxurious, regenerative, these effective, holistic,  products range from body to face care. Biences is now available online for purchase in the United States. But, don’t miss The Scientist, their separate brand for men. Seductively scented, as effective as the parent company’s trove, The Scientist takes men’s handsome visages, quest for anti-aging and desire for pampering seriously. Ingredients such as apricot and almond oil, plus aloe vera seal the deal. Your man needs the Complete Set for the holidays.

For Your Party Face

Get sultry (you know you want to) with 52 Degree Cool Eyeshadow Palette from Roen. A first of its kind, the four pack formula illuminates the eyes with a dramatic, glassy effect. Colors include;  Bask (Rose Gold), , Rendezvous (Purple), Yep (Gray) and Meow (Gunmetal).

This set by the incomparable Kevyn Aucoin, Glass Go Lip, bridges highlighting and skincare. Ensuring a glassy,  good-for-your-lips finish, the products can be used alone, as fresh look to your “I woke up like this” daytime outings and add a gleam to your party hue.

For that photoshopped look in real life the miracle-working Jerome Alexander’s MagicMinerals AirBrush Foundation by promises smooth, flawless coverage that lasts all night. A spray foundation with a proprietary blend of anti-aging ingredients, including Hyaluronic Acid, Argireline, and Matrixyl 3000, the radiant-making foundation works for all ages and ethnicities.