Under One Umbrella

Just after Ayana Mc Shate’s 27th birthday, she detected a lump—invasive breast cancer. Within days, the Modesto resident was at Stanford Women’s Cancer Center; thanks to treatment, her cancer is in remission. “It’s the best,” she said of the center. “You feel prioritized every time you come here.”

Lisa Schatz, Lisa Goldman, Carrie Underwood, and Dr. Jonathan Berek
Stacey Siebel and Ayana MacShate

It’s those outcomes that drive Under One Umbrella, a benefit co-created by oncologist Dr. Jonathan Berek and Lisa Schatz in 2009 that’s raised $60 million to date. Lisa Goldman chaired this year’s dinner and concert by Carrie Underwood at Bing Concert Hall, which drew 375 guests and raised $3.8 million.

Dinner by McCalls in the halls of Bing Concert Hall
Carrie Underwood performs
Molly Lacob, Kirk Lacob, Kelly Lacob, Laurie Kraus Lacob, Casey Lacob, Kent Lacob, and Blake Johnston
Judy Zafran and Dianne Taube
Lisa Sonsini and Matt Sonsini

Attendees included Laurie Kraus Lacob, Judy Zafran, Dianne Taube, and Michele Kirsch who marked her birthday by inviting friends and making it a girl’s night out. “I’m continually touched,” said Goldman, “by how generously this community comes together to wipe out the scourge of women’s cancer.”

Sami Tahbazof and Sufi Tahbazof
Dana Bisconti and Sue Foley
Arvin Mehta, Payal Mehta, Parul Somani and Ash Somani

Photos by Drew Altizer Photography