Stylish Workouts: Dior’s Collaboration with Technogym Makes Exercise Elegant

Go for the burn…in style. Who says your home gym has to be utilitarian? Wellness aficionados with a penchant for personal style (think Kelly Wrestler, Roger Federer, Raphael Nadal, the Kardashians and Daniel Boulud) have already been keeping their fitness rooms chic with Technogym equipment, the luxe Italian fitness brand known for its high tech performance and sleek, furniture-like shapes and profiles.

But this year, the brand offers fashion buffs a snazzier set of machines, workout innovations as stylish as they come. In a glamorous collaboration with Dior, Technogym brings fashionistas a limited-edition set of over the top workout products so gorgeous they make exercising as swanky as a stroll down the catwalk. 

Called Dior Vibe, the line is currently debuting in Dior pop up stores around the world, including locations as diverse as Hong Kong, London, Beverly Hills, Soho, Paris, Tokyo, and Milan. The upscale, exquisitely designed collection features three pieces of haute equipment: a treadmill, a multifunction bench and a wellness ball, each created in the Technogym Research and Innovation Center with the Dior creative team.

The trio of products embody the best of both brands, boasting good looks, classy gravitas and incomparable quality. Design elements include the famous Dior star (the founding couturier’s lucky charm) and the house’s emblematic signature “Christian Dior,” highlighted by five horizontal stripes in contrasting colors.

The Collection

Technogym My Run 

Compact and quiet, this state-of-the-art treadmill connects to your tablet, offering a wide range of on-demand running and walking workouts. By simply placing a tablet on the MYRUN console, users can choose the on-demand workout by their favorite trainer.

Technogym Bench By Dior

Innovative and eye-catching, this bench has super model power. It offers myriad exercise options in a small space, including a series of dumbbells, elastics and knuckles—enough to facilitate more than 200 exercises. The Technogym App provides an extensive library of complementary on-demand workouts. 

Technogym Ball by Dior

You may want a second one of these for your at home work desk. Designed to keep you on the move even while sitting, Dior’s Technogym Ball acts as both a seat and a wellness tool. It provides a complete exercise program for flexibility, toning, and balance.

Project: SoHo Vibe Pop Up Client: Dior Location: New York, NY.