Reimaging Time, Space, and Harmony

Poliform’s holistic approach to crafting luxurious living spaces

 In 1942, amid challenges of wartime Italy, the idea of starting a company was the last thing on the minds of Italian youths. However, the Spinelli and Anzani families defied the odds and opened a furniture workshop in their garage in Brianza. Despite the barren economic landscape, they embraced a revolutionary business model that continues to inspire modern Italian entrepreneurship and attracts global interest. Their winning idea was simple yet powerful: Do everything independently and do it with excellence.

The Spinelli-Anzani venture flourished and evolved, growing from a humble family business into a thriving enterprise with 25 dedicated employees. Reflecting on their accomplished track record of reliability and profitability, the founders turned their focus to planning for the future. In a bold move, they chose to entrust the company’s future directly to their three children instead of selling the company.

This unexpected turn of events was particularly surprising, considering the trio’s young age and relative inexperience. Alberto Spinelli, a promising 24-year-old architect who had recently completed his studies in Florence, was thrust into a new role. Meanwhile, 22-year-old Aldo Spinelli had just completed his obligatory military service after working in the family business. At just 20 years old, Giovanni “Nino” Anzani, a recent graduate of Cantu art school, was the youngest and most eager to contribute to the family business. Amid this unique blend of talent and fresh perspectives, an exciting chapter in their lives unfolded.

San Domenico Palace in Sicily

The three newly appointed owners promptly embarked on a vital endeavor: selecting a fresh, distinctive name for their business. They wanted a name that would symbolize their vision for the future rather than focusing on the family legacy. After brainstorming numerous options, they agreed upon Poliform. The name conveyed the ideas of skill, simplicity, and elegance, allowing for a wide range of possibilities. With Poliform, the company would create flexible products that could be customized to meet each customer’s unique needs. From the start, it was clear that Poliform was more than just a name. It represented the company’s future and identity.

Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli, and Giovanni Anzani, Poliform CEOs

“We wanted a name that would let us explore different paths. A name that already encompassed Poliform’s evolution-to-come.” – The Founders

Poliform’s evolution was a certainty for its three new owners. They firmly believed in leaving behind the outdated traditional concepts of living. Chippendale furniture, once a flagship of their parents, was no longer relevant. Instead, they thought of furniture that was not only functional but also modular and convertible. This new approach embraced the changing relationship between people and their living spaces, reflecting the evolving idea of home in Brianza, Italy, and beyond.

The transition from conventional furniture to personalized pieces required a significant revamp of their production line. Poliform invested substantially in state-of-the-art equipment, manufacturing facilities, and training. The artisans of yesteryear had to transform into a new breed of highly skilled technicians capable of meticulously working on individual panels, executing every detail with flawless precision. This unwavering dedication to craftsmanship remained steadfast. With these incredible innovations, the cousins envisioned a new culture of living where the past, present, and future could intertwine within all aspects of a home. From the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom, Poliform sought to redefine total home living.

The idea of a total home is a direct offshoot of Wagner’s Gesamtkunstwerk. In German, Gesamtkunstwerk means a “total work of art.” It refers to merging various art forms to create a unified and harmonious masterpiece. Poliform reimagines this timeless concept with a contemporary edge and creates balanced and bespoke spaces where their furniture seamlessly blends with the environment. They produce the perfect fusion of design and functionality.

Terrace at the San Domenico Palace in Sicily

Some of the most celebrated hotels and resorts in the world have relied on Poliform to capture this nuanced sense of place that is their signature. One hotel project that many know of from the second season of famed HBO series The White Lotus is the San Domenico Palace in Sicily, the White Lotus Hotel captures this vision spectacularly. Embracing the timeless beauty of an ancient convent, the hotel has preserved its historic cloisters and exquisite frescoes and transformed ancient cells into elegant rooms. Poliform’s mission was to graciously renovate this sacred space, striking a balance between opulence and modernity.

Poliform Contract took charge of the interior design and created unique custom furnishings for the historic 14th-century convent. Each room was carefully fitted with specially designed furniture that harmonizes flawlessly with the surroundings. The exquisite materials used include Canaletto walnut, Patagonia marble, bronze-brushed brass, and antiqued mirrored glass.

While hotels and resorts are a thriving part of Poliform’s business, their passion has always been to create a sense of awe and inspiration with their vast collection of home solutions and systems.

With a focus on simplification, Poliform’s furniture collection aims to capture the pure essence of each product. From chairs and sofas to living spaces and kitchens, every piece is thoughtfully designed to connect with you on a deeper level. “What make each and every Poliform product an ambassador of Italian style are, above all, the boundless creativity, the productive expertise inherited from the tradition of the world’s finest furniture, and specific, constantly upgraded technological know-how,” explains Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli, and Giovanni Anzani, Poliform CEOs.

Poliform Brera sofa

With an impressive workforce of over 700 skilled individuals spread across various manufacturing facilities in Brianza, their crowning achievement is the renowned Poliform Lab. There, architects, designers, and individual clients are invited to experience their many offerings and furniture solutions in a welcoming environment that superbly showcases Poliform’s ingenuity. Within the showroom, the fusion of architecture and furniture creates an atmosphere that stimulates and sparks creativity in the minds of customers, designers, and partners.

One of the favorite stops for esteemed guests is the Poliform Café where they experience the essence of Poliform through food. The menu seamlessly blends Italian tradition with the freshest local and seasonal ingredients, creating culinary masterpieces that delight even the most discerning palates.

Fortunately, you don’t have to travel all the way to Brianza, Italy to immerse yourself in the Poliform lifestyle. This exquisite Italian company has a magnificent showroom right here in San Francisco. With their doors open six days a week, you can explore their range of stunning designs and receive expert assistance in creating your dream living space.