Come Fly With Me

Alexis and Trevor Traina host an intimate soiree to celebrate Areo’s semi-private jet service in San Francisco

The former ambassador to Austria, Trevor Traina, and his always-glamorous wife Alexis opened their stunning home in Pacific Heights to a few globe-trotting guests who appreciate the finer things in life—including flying in well-appointed jets from private terminals. Aero is a semi-private jet service redefining air travel. They pride themselves on their meticulously designed jets with luxurious seating and attentive staff. Former CEO of Twitter Dick Costolo, and Lorin Costolo were in attendance, along with private pilot Bert Inch and his lovely wife, Jane. Also enjoying the evening’s festivities were Todd Zabelle, Suzanne and Carson Levit, Max and Louise Armour, and Nadir and Sobia Shikh. While guests enjoyed caviar by Nosh and Whispering Angel Rose, CEO Uma Subramanian shared her vision of a new, better way of traveling in with ease. Public relations icon Allison Speer beautifully curated the celebration.