Of all the seasons in the year, spring is my absolute favorite. Seeing the hillsides transform from dull, gray heaps to vibrant, lush slopes green with life and possibilities puts a smile on my face. Along with the glorious new blooms of spring, we welcome the latest fashion trends from New York’s Fashion Week. In this fashion issue, we showcase three fantastic designers: Wes Gordon of Carolina Herrera, Johnson Hartig of Libertine, and Naeem Khan. They, too, are inspired by the freshness of spring with their bold, floral prints and epic bedazzling.

Make sure to take time to dream about two fantastic hotels featured in this issue. Hammock Cove in Antigua is the perfect place to with- draw from life’s hectic pace, while Cape Town’s The Silo on the edge of the world is the center of style and activities for the intrepid traveler. One of the top luxury wellness and health spa resorts in the nation, Canyon Ranch, has opened a wellness retreat here in Woodside. I took a few days off for my birthday to experience the Canyon Ranch lifestyle, and it was one of the most transformative 72 hours of my life. I don’t often share personal experiences; but, because I had such a powerful shift in my mindset, I thought you might gain some insight from my story and want to journey down the rabbit hole as well.

Two of my favorite writers, Laurie Jo Miller Farr and Steph Keay take us on a wonderful trip up to Healdsburg. Laurie shines a light on a few incredible local tastemakers in Healdsburg, while Steph gives us the ultimate itinerary for a perfect weekend in the “other” wine country.

It truly takes a village to create this magazine, and it would not be possible without the incredible dedication of our team, which some- times goes unnoticed. So, I want to give a big shout out to Sarah Trissel, our accountant and confidant. Thank you for your support, Sarah. Big cheers go to Krisha Chhaganlal, our super-talented art director who carefully designs and lays out the 120 pages each issue. And, a big round of applause goes to Karen Smith, our copy editor and my right hand, who makes sure that there are no dangling modifiers or run-on sen- tences.

I always love hearing from our readers, so please drop me a line at Teresa@HauteLivingSF.com with your comments about this issue, or ideas for the next issue.