Regent Seven Seas Cruises: Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

As Frank Sinatra put it, “I traveled each and every highway, and more much more than this, I did it my way.” If doing it your way includes luxury travel that embraces self-discovery as well as wondrous landscapes, exotic wildlife, and incredible people, here’s some inspiration. As ever, a promise to transform the way you see the world is the end goal.  

’Round-the-World Destination Immersion 

If you’ve got the time—141 nights, to be precise—Regent Seven Seas Cruises® has the voyage. The luxury cruise line wants to take you aboard Splendor for the world’s most expensive, all-inclusive, around-the-world cruise ever, visiting 40 countries on six continents across three oceans covering 35,668 nautical miles.  

Andrea DeMarco, president of Regent Seven Seas Cruises, calls this “a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” To take a closer look, there are 73 onshore excursions at UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Elephanta Caves near Mumbai and Kakadu National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory. Been there, done that? No problem. Choose from nearly 500 shore excursions at fabulous ports of call from Panama to Casablanca to Singapore.  

Best of all, for travelers looking to expand their knowledge, the educational programing both onboard and ashore the Regent Seven Seas Cruises World Cruise is exceptional. In El Salvador, dine overlooking Lake Coatepeque, formed following a massive volcanic eruption, and learn about the ancient Maya civilization browsing the ruins in Joya de Cerén. Down under in Cairns, visit Atherton Tablelands and Skybury Farms, Australia’s oldest coffee plantation, to see how exquisite Arabica beans are grown alongside red papaya, bananas, and longans. Join your local guide for an authentic Sri Lankan street festival. At sea, expand your cooking skills in hands-on classes led by expert chefs in the state-of-the-art Culinary Arts Kitchen.     

Fares including round-trip, first class airfare (to Miami and return from New York City) for this world voyage start at $91,499 per guest for a Veranda Suite. The most exclusive residential address at sea is the opulent 4,443-square-foot Regent Suite with unobstructed, 270-degree views, two original Picasso lithographs, a custom Steinway grand piano, its own spa, and a personal butler, priced at $1.7 million for two guests. 

Beyond Boundaries in New Zealand by Air 

A bespoke client trip for a father-daughter duo inspired the co-founder of Pelorus to create this one-of-a-kind itinerary. It’s a deep exploration of New Zealand by private helicopter that allows guests and specialist guides to get to the heart of Aotearoa. Embark on an exclusive expedition to discover the wonders of North and South Islands, from volcanic terrains to pristine coastlines to glaciers. 

Pelorus: Tongariro National Park, New Zealand

On arrival, you’ll be welcomed to the Bay of Islands with a traditional Māori ceremony from the only tribe with a female leader. Travel by helicopter, yacht, and kayak with an archeologist to experience the natural phenomenon of thousands of luminous glow worms in Kawiti Caves. Race 4×4 buggies across stunning Cape Reinga for a picnic lunch at Scott’s Point, the most outlying part of the 90-mile beach. Make your way to a secluded kauri forest and scale the monolithic Kaiaraara Rocks to be rewarded with fiord-filled views. Learn about the proud nation of Aotearoa; stay at Huka Lodge on Lake Rotoiti for superb fishing. Fly over Tongariro National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A volcanologist accompanies you to Mount Tarawera; an expert angler guides you to the best fly fishing spots on Whanganui River. Travel by private plane to the dramatic South Island where more immersive experiences await.    

Co-founder Jimmy Carroll said, “It’s all about this journey of taking people out of their comfort zone, about getting that sense of adventure. So much of the world has been explored now and it’s very hard to find those remote regions. The benefit of Pelorus is that we can get to these places far more easily, but in comfort and style. We can give you a taste of that true explorer. I firmly believe that we’re in the business of creating memories. You can’t physically take your travels home with you, so what we aim to do is create the most incredible and memorable experiences for our clients, so they can take those memories home with them.” 

On offer from October through April, this New Zealand program is priced from approximately $115,000 per person, based on a group of four for 10 nights.  

Keeping the Galápagos Pristine 

While sailing through the Galápagos Islands, you can awaken your sense of awe while focusing on environmentalism. Access one of the world’s most elusive, protected destinations and have close encounters with the wildlife. Ecoventura’s expert guides lead nature walks to explore lava fields, cliffs, and secluded beaches. You’ll see giant tortoises, photograph rare birds, swim with sea lions, and snorkel alongside blue-footed boobies.  

Ecoventura: Galápagos (photos: Robb Leahy)

Ecoventura operates three intimate 20-passenger mega-yachts staffed with a one-to-one ratio of competent and knowledgeable captains, crew, concierges, and expert naturalists. The company sources locally for food and beverages, fueling the regional economy while decreasing the carbon footprint by cutting down on the use of imported goods.  

A new initiative in partnership with Avianca ensures no garbage goes to landfills in the Galápagos due to an investment in two top-of-the-line recycling machines which compress recyclable waste into compact packages before being shipped for recycling on scheduled Avianca flights to the mainland, meaning no additional CO2 emissions. By strategically choosing to navigate small compact ships rather than major cruise liners, human impact in the archipelago is minimized, while immersive experiences promote responsible tourism in the protected destination.  

Choose seven nights of “Volcanic Wonders,” seven nights of “Beaches and Bays,” or a combination itinerary for a two-week trip. A double occupancy cabin for a 7-night/8-day sail is around $20,000. 

A Cinematic Approach to Immersive Experiences  

The backbone of Satopia Travel is a global community of conscious travel enthusiasts: entrepreneurs, founders, leaders, executives, artists, academics, and philanthropists in pursuit of authentic hosted experiences. The company’s unique approach is to create and curate immersive experiences that feel like cinematic masterpieces brought to life.  

Imagine cooking in France with Chef Dominique Crenn, the first female chef in the U.S. to receive three Michelin stars. It’s curtain up on your event’s opening night—dinner in the garden of a 13th century château—a magical supper under the trees beside an open fire in the forest clearing. There’s a Versailles-themed ball in period costume, delicate music from a string quartet, fireworks lighting up the sky beautifully reflected by seven ponds that surround the château. An impromptu 3 a.m. carbonara in the kitchen with Chef Crenn captures the essence of a Satopia experience: personal connections, unexpected surprises, history, and culture all wrapped in an intimate, exclusive setting.  

Satopia: Cinematic masterpieces brought to life

Your hosts pay close attention to every detail “… from the cutlery to the candles, to the color of the flowers and the maps to leading guests through to the secret passage in the forest,” as explained by Satopia co-founders Emma Ponsonby and Ahmed Gouda. Watch the “movie” promoting the newly announced culinary travel experience in the French countryside with Chef Dominique Crenn, Sept. 17-25, 2025. Pricing on request.