Edgewood Fair

The 58th Edgewood Fair, hosted on March 7 and 8 at the Olympic Club Lakeside, honored the 75th anniversary of the Auxiliary and raised nearly half a million dollars in support of services Edgewood provides to the community.

At the March 7 Preview Party, CEO Lynn Dolce, spoke of Jonathan, a youth who came to Edgewood misdiagnosed and left with an accurate diagnosis, an effective treatment plan, and a new lease on a hopeful life.

Board Member Katie Ballou Calhoun was honored with the Auxiliary Alumna of Distinction Award at the March 8 luncheon, who, in her acceptance speech, said, “To the Edgewood Auxiliary, I am honored to be recognized. You have enriched my life and become my friends while we worked together for this important cause. It’s terrific to see the next generation of the Edgewood Auxiliary champion the fantastic future-forward plans, serving our treasured youth who are tackling mental health issues.”

In an emotional fireside chat, “Journey to Recovery,” Board Member Julie Supan and CEO Lynn Dolce discussed mental health as a journey and highlighted Edgewood’s commitment to serving even more youth and families in the community.

Since 1948, the Auxiliary has raised over $12 million in support of Edgewood programs and has hosted the Edgewood Fair since 1967.