Ananda in the Himalayas Launches New Fertility Enhancement Program

Globally acclaimed wellness retreat, Ananda in the Himalayas, launches the Fertility Enhancement Program, the newest wellness program offered for 2024.  With approximately 1 in 6 of adults worldwide planning conception experiencing infertility, the reliance on stressful and costly assisted fertility methods such as IVF and gestational surrogacy are also increasing rapidly. Egg freezing is increasingly seen to expand reproductive options, but success still depends on the quality of reproductive material and final reproductive environment.

Ananda in the Himalayas announces yet another innovative solution for enhancing the experience of life through its new Fertility Enhancement Program. Nestled in the Himalayan foothills and strongly rooted in 5000-year-old healing traditions, this program is led by physicians of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yogis, and Spiritual Psychologists. It enables cleansing and strengthening the vitality of the entire hormonal and reproductive system for healthy progeny.

Ananda’s new program for fertility enhancement presents a holistic methodology for improving reproductive health through traditional Ayurveda and an integrated wellness approach. In this context, Ananda’s traditional wellness wisdom provides vital guidance in developing a holistic solution for fertility.

Who is the Fertility Program For:

The Fertility Enhancement program is for both individuals and couples. This program helps those looking to improve and maintain the health of their reproductive system. Ananda follows the values of traditional sciences that advocate healthy choices in life for positive fertility.  This program is also ideal for women planning for oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing) as it can increase the quality of the oocytes.  The program can also be undertaken by those preparing for or currently undergoing IVF (allowing for certain restrictions of current medications).

The Fertility Enhancement Program:

Vajikarana is the ancient branch of Ayurveda that addresses fertility and sexual wellbeing. In long-term therapy, it improves the quality and quantity of reproductive elements, and is effective in improving overall fertility, sexual health, and healthy progeny. Ananda uses Vajikarana to approach fertility by enhancing the quality of shukra or reproductive seed (male sperm and female ovum) that contain within them the essence of all body tissues or dhatus.

According to Dr. Naresh Perumbuduri, Senior Ayurvedic Physician at Ananda in the Himalayas, and expert on issues of fertility and sexual wellbeing, “A person with healthy shukra exudes confidence, with lustrous eyes and skin that appear to radiate light. A disturbance in the daily natural rhythm or Dinacharya leads to an array of problems connected to our stress responses and toxin build up, eventually leading to an undesired domino effect of hormonal imbalance that cross the 6 vital layers of tissues before they finally affect the reproductive seed or shukra.”

Vajikarna therapy uses a four-step comprehensive procedure to improve the health of the shukra dhatu at all phases of life.

  • Pacifying dosha (disturbed circulatory force) imbalances affecting the shukra dhatu
  • Nourishing the shukra to maintain its quality and quantity
  • Increasing production of the crucial tissue using this customised method
  • Promoting reproductive seed genesis in older age groups

Program Phases:

Diagnostics & Pre-Arrival

The program begins with a specific set of questions, assessment during the detailed pre-arrival consultation. The doctors prescribe required fertility tests and a strict pre-arrival diet to be followed for a week before embarking on Vajikarna.


On arrival lifestyle modifications or Dinacharya are introduced at the start of the program to readjust faulty physical patterns that bring about a change in mental and emotional receptivity. The readjustment phase is an intensive integration of Ayurvedic discipline, yoga, and counselling with transpersonal psychologists.


Shodhana therapies (purificatory) are applied, including elements of specialised Panchakarma fertility techniques. Ayurveda emphasises on cleansing the body of toxins and improving metabolic function.


Shamana therapies (restorative) are used with therapeutic oils that help reduce stress, improve mood, and regulate the secretion of healthy hormones. On a case-by-case basis, specific Ayurvedic therapies will be offered to improve fertility. Specific diet therapy and use of herbal remedies like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Shilajit, and Ashoka is an important part of the restorative phase.

Integrative Wellness for Fertility Enhancement:

Traditional Chinese Medicine begins its work in the early stages of the program by unblocking the meridians to allow stagnated energy in the body to flow again. This allows for maximum impact of subsequent fertility improvement. TCM also works on stabilising hormonal fluctuations by improving health of specific organ systems that play a key role in fertility.

Physiotherapy in the form of visceral osteopathy is done on the abdomen. This involves manual techniques applied to the body’s inner organs.

Therapeutic Yoga increases the blood circulation in the abdominal region, maintains genital health, and improves functioning of thyroid & parathyroid glands while promoting endocrinal harmony.

Emotional and Cognitive therapy works on the interconnection between healthy sperm and ovum to thought and behavioural patterns. Emotional negativity, stress and lack of connection can severely impact fertility. Transpersonal psychology and various other emotional therapy techniques at Ananda help develop a positive mindset and creates resilience on this journey.

The primary goal is to improve sperm and ovum quality, reproductive organ functions, improve energy, remove associated hormonal instability, endocrine imbalances and lifestyle disorders that affect the process of procreation. The program also aims to educate individuals and couples to manage personal and social balance, reduce stress and anxiety levels and to imbibe traditional methods for sustaining vitality for life.

Ananda’s Fertility Enhancement Program starts with a minimum duration of 14 nights, while clinical conditions will require a minimum of 21 nights. Pricing starts from $900USD per night on single occupancy plus applicable government taxes based on accommodation in a Deluxe Garden View room.  For more information, please visit Fertility Enhancement Program or by contacting or +91-80-69750000.