Union Square Foundation Holiday Fundraiser Spectacular

On December 6th, the Union Square Foundation hosted its Annual Holiday Fundraiser Spectacular. The evening unfolded at the modern Convene venue on 100 Stockton Street, one of the latest ventures embracing the spirit of the Square. The community gathered to celebrate the past year’s achievements and eagerly anticipate the exciting journey ahead in 2024. The Annual Holiday Fundraiser Party is significant for members and stakeholders, spotlighting Union Square as a world-class destination and the vibrant heart of San Francisco. It symbolizes more than a physical location, representing a cultural icon where diverse cultures converge, and creativity flourishes in this historic district.

This year, the Foundation partnered with The Salvation Army’s The Way Out program, addressing San Francisco’s Drug and Homelessness Crisis and Overdose Epidemic. The initiative focuses on recovery within the homeless community, employing a comprehensive Recovery System of Care that includes on-demand treatment, residential programs, therapeutic communities, recovery-oriented transitional housing, life skills training, career development, independent living support, and post-care assistance.