California Pacific Medical Center’s 2023 Debutante Ball

The Women’s Board of the San Francisco Debutante Ball honored 26 outstanding young women from the Bay Area at the 58th annual San Francisco Debutante Ball on Saturday, June 17.  Chaired by board member Jennifer Benham and co-chaired by board member Leigh Maurus, the evening was a grand celebration in the Grand Ballroom of the St. Francis hotel with over 500 attendees including the debutantes, their presenters, escorts and evening guests.

Comprising young women from San Francisco, the East Bay, the Peninsula and Marin County, the San Francisco Debutante Ball celebrates a group of newly high-school graduated, outstanding young women as they embark on their academic and professional endeavors.  The ball is a time-honored San Francisco tradition that emphasizes the importance of philanthropy.   Each year the Women’s Board selects a program or project of specific need within the California Pacific Medical Center and dedicates the proceeds of the ball to that beneficiary.  This year the selected beneficiary is CPMC’s Kalmanovitz Child Development Center. The Kalmanovitz Child Development Center provides comprehensive developmental assessment and treatment programs for infants, preschoolers, school-age children and adolescents who manifest developmental delays or differences.

Daisy Meyer Lilliene Dean, Katherine Grace Hatfield, Kassandra Alexis DeJean, Spencer Grace Dobos, Katherine Emily Bauer, Michaela Nicoletta Bini, Pip McKenna Koll, Avery Penn Kalafatas, Chloe Adeline Dalzell, Siena Newsom Callan, Tabitha Sands Froeb, Jasmine Christine Bartlett, Annelisa Marie Svendsen, Philippa Georgiana Harris, Margaret Therese Burke, Cassidy Alexandra Hurabiell Trader, Jardin Alessandra Davis, Sophia Alexandra Terebilo, Chloe Marilyn Chan, Elsa Carol Madsen, Isabelle Valerie Ashley, Anja Marie Kosmowski, Alexandra Sheridan Chung, Lily Elizabeth Larson, Eliza Grace Cook and Margaux Emily Barber
Jennifer Benham and Leigh Maurusl
Barbara Brown and Denise Hale
William Joseph Schier, Guido Leonardi Dall’Occa Dell’Orso and Alexander Woodrow Smyth
Siena Newsom Callan, Hayes Robert Sherman and Chloe Adeline Dalzell
Philippa Georgiana Harris, Anja Marie Kosmowski, Katherine Emily Bauer, Chloe Marilyn Chan and Pip McKenna Koll
Christopher Bauer and Katherine Emily Bauer
S Alexander Woodrow Smyth, Spencer Grace Dobos, Rainer Lovato and Tabitha Sands Froeb
Elsa Carol Madsen and Matthew Campbell McGrath
Katherine Grace Hatfield, Philippa Georgiana Harris, Tabitha Sands Froeb and Spencer Grace Dobos