181 Fremont Welcomes Racing on the Spectrum

On Tuesday, May 23,  the team from 181 Fremont celebrated producers from Citizen Film who are creating a new documentary called Racing on the Spectrum. Their film portrays three young competitive race car drivers who are identified as on the autism spectrum and how this difference enhances their ability to perform at the highest levels of their sport.  Nearly 100 guests viewed clips from the film, met driver Armani Williams and learned how they could help producers hit their goal of $850,000 to complete this film and take it to wider audiences.

Matt Lituchy, Kevin O’Connor and Armani Williams
S George Meade and Kevin O’Connor
Raylene McDowell, Matt Lituchy, Renee LeBaron and Mark Ritchie
Armani Williams, Irena Politano, Sam Ball and Kevin O’Connor
George Meade, Nabiel Musleh, Tula Batochir and Roger Gershman
Joel Goodrich, Heide Betz, Carmen Legarda and Jack Ryder
Armani Williams