Maestro Dobel Tequila and Silver Oak Unveil Ultra-Premium Collaboration

Marking the occasion of Silver Oak‘s 50th anniversary, a special partnership was unveiled between the renowned Alexander Valley winery and Maestro Dobel Tequila.

As the winery explains, “Crafted in American oak, Silver Oak Cabernets are aged in new and once-used barrels—but what happens to the used barrels? A batch of used 59-gallon wine barrels took the journey to Jalisco, Mexico, and the result is finally ready to share.”

That extraordinary result is a highly limited release of the world’s first Cristalino tequila known as Dobel 50 Silver Oak edition, a luxury Extra Añejo tequila matured in American oak and finished in the winery’s Cabernet Sauvignon wine barrels. In another first, the family-owned Silver Oak is unique in owning and operating its own American oak barrel cooperage.

Handcrafted in the lowlands of Jalisco, using 100% Blue Weber Agaves expertly grown and sourced from a single-family estate, the influence of the American oak barrel finish used to create this extra añejo is palpable. Notes of citrus and dried fruits brighten and enhance the elegant and smoothness of the liquid. In the bottle or glass, the tequila has a wonderfully translucent appearance with an intensely bright amber color accented by gold and bright orange sparkles. The slightest hint of green is noticeable along the glass as a result of the tequila’s long maturation in wood. (Further tasting notes are provided below.)

“At Dobel, we are thrilled to announce this release in collaboration with Silver Oak, a Northern California icon for whom we have great respect and shared values of familial heritage, tradition and product innovation,” said 11th generation tequila maker, Juan Dobel.

Juan Dobel and David R. Duncan

“The connection between wine and tequila is not a usual one, but American oak makes for a natural vessel to explore how these two amazing liquids can influence each other,” said David R. Duncan, Silver Oak CEO. “With their focus on generational farming, craftsmanship and innovation, Maestro Dobel made for an ideal 50th anniversary collaboration,” he added.

Dobel 50 Tequila Silver Oak edition is available for purchase nationwide (although not via Silver Oak winery) in limited quantities for a suggested retail price of $1,100.

images: Maestro Dobel Tequila

Dobel 50 Silver Oak Edition Tasting Notes

Color: The appearance is translucent, with an intensely bright amber color accented by gold and bright orange sparkles, as well as the slightest hint of green along the glass as a result of the tequila’s long evolution in wood.

Aroma: The intensity and complexity of the aromas reflect notes of cooked agave and ripe fruits.  The caramel and vanilla notes that result from the carefully selected aging barrels are complemented by the subtle notes of red fruits characteristic of Silver Oak wine, all leading into an elegant buttery finish.

Flavor: An abundance of flavor overwhelms the palate.  The influence of the wood upon the tequila is palpable, which enhances the elegance and smoothness of the flavor profile.  Notes of citrus fruits such as mandarin brighten and freshen the liquid, and notes of dried fruit such as figs and dates give roundness to the tequila, which retains the essence of its agave origins throughout its time in the barrel.