Putting on the Glitz

On top of the world at Joel Goodrich’s holiday soiree

Photos by Drew Altizer

“As one of my New York socialite friends used to say, ‘We like pretty people in glamorous places!’” – Joel Goodrich

Much like Willy Wonka’s golden ticket, an invitation to Joel Goodrich’s holiday extravaganza is a coveted prize that many San Francisco socialites eagerly anticipate. Of course, there is a reason for all the kerfuffle: each year Mr. Goodrich outdoes himself with glamour and glitz.

The rumors are true. One year, the party was so hot that the bedazzled curtain in his dining room burst into flames. There wasn’t that much excitement this year, but his guestlist read like an Oscar award for “Best Dressed.” Staying in theme with Mr. Goodrich’s décor, guests arrived draped in sequins, pearls, and diamonds.

Robert Richards, Teresa Rodriguez, Mary Beth Shimmon and Joel Goodrich