Whispers of the Heart: An Exquisite Sojourn to a Serene Haven

Susurros del Corazón, Punta Mita

Embark on a transcendental voyage to Susurros del Corazón, one of the latest luxury properties from the Auberge Resort Collections. Nestled in the idyllic Punta Mita, Mexico, Susurros del Corazón boasts a completely private white sand beach with a breathtaking view of the Marieta Islands.

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As an ardent connoisseur of luxury travel, I had the extraordinary opportunity to immerse myself in the opulence of this tropical haven and can confidently attest that it is an unparalleled destination that exceeds all expectations.

From the moment I set foot onto the property, the staff invited me with a warm and inviting welcome that made me feel like I was part of some exclusive family enclave. As a start, the resort’s design, crafted by Paul Duesing and Glazier Le Architects, embraces a distinct aesthetic that creates a familiar ode to its Mexican heritage.

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The stone walls create the visual concept of a small luxury boutique hotel, offering a harmonious flow throughout the property. The true beauty of the property and its location and the experienced staff speak to you, offering an unwavering commitment to curating an unforgettable experience for its discerning guests.

Nestled within the prestigious confines of the exclusive gated community of Punta Mita, Susurros del Corazón offers an oasis of serenity and indulgence. As I meandered through the verdant tapestry of lush tropical gardens, my senses were instantly awakened by the breathtaking vistas that unfolded before my eyes.

SDC Murphy O'Brien
SDC Murphy O’Brien

Azure waters melded seamlessly with the cerulean horizon, while powdery white sands beckoned me to surrender to a world of unadulterated bliss. As if that weren’t enough, there are three expansive infinity pools that lead down to the beach, creating a stunning sight.

The accommodations at Susurros del Corazón are a testament to refined luxury and incomparable style. Rooms and villas are meticulously designed and crafted with locally sourced elements, blending contemporary elegance with authentic Mexican influences.

The attention to detail ensured every facet of my stay was characterized by utmost comfort and sophistication. Expansive windows framed panoramic views of the majestic Pacific Ocean, while private balconies provided intimate sanctuaries from which to behold the awe-inspiring natural beauty that enveloped me.


One of the crown jewels of Susurros del Corazón is its resplendent, world-class spa. Nestled amid the verdant foliage, the spa serves as a sanctuary of serenity and rejuvenation. On my specific day of rest and relaxation, I was welcomed by the singing bowls of a harmonious sound bath while a symphony of gentle waves played in the background.

Settled in a beach vibe mindset, the intoxicating fragrance of tropical blooms enveloped me as I indulged in a myriad of restorative treatments and therapies. Trained therapists skillfully employed the finest organic ingredients, crafting bespoke experiences that nourished my body, mind, and soul.

From blissful massages to revitalizing facials and transformative body wraps, every treatment left me feeling renewed, revitalized, and ready to embrace the splendor and adventure that awaited me.

Susurros del Corazón caters to adventurous souls yearning to explore the wonders of the natural world. From the ethereal realm beneath the surface of the crystal-clear waters, where snorkeling and scuba diving unveil a mesmerizing underworld, to the exhilarating pursuit of paddleboarding and kayaking along the pristine coastline, an endless array of possibilities will satiate the appetite for adventure.

Golf enthusiasts can revel in the artistry of the resort’s world-class golf courses, designed by renowned architects and boasting sweeping ocean vistas. The resort also offers curated excursions to nearby attractions, such as the mystical Marieta Islands and the vibrant town of Sayulita and San Pancho San Francisco, (a personal favorite of mine), allowing guests to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Mexican culture and bask in the resplendence of the natural wonders that surround them.

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When it comes to dining, Susurros del Corazón leaves no epicurean desire unfulfilled. The resort boasts an exquisite selection of restaurants, each a culinary sanctuary exuding a unique ambiance and tempting the palate with a tantalizing menu inspired by the vibrant flavors of Mexico and expertly elevated by the talented chef, Tonatiuh Cuevas.

From grilled fresh seafood that dances upon the taste buds to innovative fusion dishes meticulously crafted by award-winning chefs, every meal becomes an extraordinary gastronomic odyssey that delights the senses. For those seeking the epitome of romance, the resort offers the opportunity for private beachside dining experiences or intimate soirees within the seclusion of one’s own villa, creating indelible memories beneath a starlit tapestry.

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In addition to its opulent accommodations and world-class amenities, Susurros del Corazón maintains a steadfast commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. The resort takes immense pride in preserving the pristine beauty of Punta Mita, while minimizing its ecological footprint.

Through energy-efficient design, responsible waste management, and unwavering support for local communities and cultural preservation, Susurros del Corazón sets an inspiring example of sustainable and responsible luxury.

Susurros del Corazón in Punta Mita is not merely a place to stay, but an ethereal experience that encapsulates the very essence of luxury and tranquility one would expect from the portfolio of renowned Auberge Resort Collections.  From the moment you set foot within its heavenly confines, you are transported to a realm of unparalleled beauty, unrivaled comfort, and impeccable service.

Whether one chooses to bask in the sun-kissed embrace of pristine beaches, partake in rejuvenating spa treatments, or embark on thrilling adventures, every moment at Susurros del Corazón is meticulously designed to transcend expectations and create memories that will endure a lifetime.