J. P. Morgan Passions and Pursuits: An Exclusive Event With Hodinkee

The J.P. Morgan Private Bank Northern California team recently partnered with Hodinkee to bring together an exclusive group of watch collectors and enthusiasts for a special evening of networking and exploring the world of luxury watches.

JP Morgan Dinner - 1

The event, organized and led by banker Adam Routledge, created an engaging experience centered on the appreciation of fine timepieces, fostering connections, and showcasing the intersection of craftsmanship and finance.

JP Morgan Dinner - 2

Joined by Saori Omura and Nash Larson, VIP sales representatives for Hodinkee, the team shared insights on building a watch collection and having the correct insurance in place, and they showcased a number of rare timepieces from Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet® and Rolex®, including some limited edition Hodinkee collaborations.

JP Morgan Dinner - 3

J.P. Morgan Private Bank works with successful individuals to help them pursue their passions and unlock value for collectors, enthusiasts, and philanthropists. Adam and his team have been driving the “Passions & Pursuits” resources at J.P. Morgan, particularly within the auto sector, for the last five years, and consequently have built unique relationships with compatible brands.

JP Morgan Dinner - 4

Clients of the private bank work with dedicated teams of specialists who offer actionable, tailored advice for today, tomorrow, and the future, so that they can share their passions with future generations, whether those be jets, yachts, cars, art, wine, or, in this case, watches.

JP Morgan Dinner - 5

J.P. Morgan Private Bank oversees more than $2.1 trillion in client assets globally and enables clients to optimize their assets with aircraft, yacht, art financing, and more.

More information is available at JP Morgan Private Bank San Francisco.