Lucrezia Buccellati at Neiman Marcus San Francisco

On Thursday, September 28th, Neiman Marcus had the distinct pleasure of welcoming the renowned Lucrezia Buccellati to unveil the breathtaking launch of the Il Giardino di Buccellati Paris Couture Collection. The evening was a splendid affair, hosted by Lin Huber, the Vice President General Manager of Neiman Marcus San Francisco.

Guests were warmly greeted with a delightful cocktail soiree setting the stage for an enchanting evening. Lin along with Lucrezia with grace and charm guided our esteemed guests to the elegant glass room where a sumptuous dinner awaited them. Each exquisite piece, adorned with chromatic combinations of precious gems, breathe life into the garden inspiration that lay at its core. Guests had the privilege to not only admire these works of art but also to try them on, becoming truly enchanted by the beauty and the artistry that Buccellati has woven into each creation. It was a night filled with beauty, elegance, and the magic of Buccellati, an experience that will be cherished by all who attended.