“New Suns” Exhibition Reception

The reception for the “New Suns” exhibition was in honor of Susan Fisher Sterling, Director NMWA, in Washington DC. The exhibition, curated by Lauren Schell Dickens, Senior Curator SFMA, showcases the work of artists Sofia Cordova, Nicki Green, Cathy Lu, Adia Millet, and Genevieve Quick and was sponsored by the San Francisco Advocacy for the National Museum For Women in the Arts (NMWA) in collaboration with Jaime Austin and the CCA Campus Gallery. One of the five artists will be selected go to Washington DC in April of 2024 for the NMWA’s international exhibition for emerging women artists worldwide, “Women to Watch.”  The San Francisco Advocacy was founded five years ago to support NMWA and emerging women artists in Northern California.

Jaime Austin and Susan Fisher Sterling
Lauren Schell Dickens, Stephen Beal and Susan Fisher Sterling
Lauren Schell Dickens