Haute Scene: Charmian’s Wild Call

Sonoma County’s Jack London State Park is part history and part nature, referencing its namesake, the author who once lived on part of the recreational area’s 1,400 acres. It’s also a refuge for serenity-seekers amid the pandemic.

Flapper dancers on stage (Photo by Hiromi Yoshida)

To keep it in shape for visitors, 320 guests paid $350 and up to attend Charmian’s Wild Call, a fundraiser for the park’s nonprofit operator. Channeling London’s book, Call of the Wild, and his irrepressible wife, Charmian, the event was set in the Roaring Twenties. Guests frolicked in period or ranch casual attire, raising $550,000 for the cause.

Ann Paolini and board member David Lambert (photo: SonomaSlife)
Creative Director Marcelo Defreitas (Photo by Hiromi Yoshida)
Vivek Khuller and Purnima Kochikar (Photo by Hiromi Yoshida)
Board members Ford Goodman and Glenn McCoy, and Board President Peter Ferris (photo: SonomaSlife)
Diana Bugg and Event Chair Liz / Board Chair Liz Fisher (photo: SonomaSlife)
Michelle Heston, Executive Director Matt Leffert, Emily Charrier (by Snap Fiesta)
Janet Zona, Frank Zona, Donna Halow, Paul Luca (photo: Hiromi Yoshida)